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    "To have the Biblio archives available online is a major service to readers and researchers with interest in South Asia. Biblio is arguably the most important book-review journal published from the subcontinent and is a vital tool for keeping track of contemporary writing and debates in and about the region."
    Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor, SALC, History, and the College The University of
    Chicago, USA.
    "Biblio has been an inspiration and a delight to me ever since I discovered it. To find an Indian magazine that cares so much about books, that gives so much space and thought to them, that insists that the level of literary discourse in South Asia be at least as high and rigorous as in London or New York, is a source of joy for everyone who loves reading and good writing and the art of thought and discussion."
    Long-time essayist for Time and author of several books including Cuba and the Night, The Global Soul,
    and Abandon
    "Biblio has consistently produced high quality issues, and it is a valuable resource not only for students and research scholars but for an educated lay public."
    Alice Freeman Palmer Professor of History, University of Michigan, USA
    "Biblio is one of the most exciting magazines for book lovers, whether for academics or for general readers. It covers a wide range of books from India and abroad; and it does so invariably in a timely manner. The reviews themselves are some of the best in the business: broadly conceived and never narrow or parochial. The intellectual vitality of a critical humanism informs all the issues of the magazine. This is my resource of first choice to keep up with what is being published."
    Associate Professor of History and Women's Studies, Department of History, Penn State University USA.
    "Biblio is one of the most influential and insightful sources of information about contemporary South Asia, and is a "must-read" for academics, students, researchers and analysts in many fields. For that reason, the Archives project will be of keen interest to libraries and scholars all over the world, given that it will gather together all the materials from the first ten years of the journal's work. Supporting Biblio is to support the greater production of knowledge on and about South Asia, so this is a very worthy project."
    Vice-Chancellor and President, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

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