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VOL. VI  NOS. 7 & 8 MAY - JUNE 2000 RS 50 UK £ 2.50 US $5


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Founder Editors
Dileep Padgaonkar

Arvind N. Das (6.9.1948 - 6.8.2000)
Editor Emeritus:
Sham Lal
Assistant Editor:
Manisha Sethi
Publisher & Art Director: Brinda Datta

'Young Prince Riding' attributed to the Paris painter, Admadnagar, c. 1575, from the book Architecture and Art of the Deccan Sultanates by George Michell and Mark Zebrowski and published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

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   VOL. V  NOS. 5 & 6 40 PAGES MAY - JUNE 2000
4 Hitler's Priestess: Savitri Devi, The Hindu-Aryan Myth, and
by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
Shiv Kumar Srinivasan
6 Psychoanalysis and Anti-Semitism edited by Mauro Bertani
and Michele Ranchetti
Feruccio Giacanelli
7 Advent of the Aryans in India by Ram Sharan Sharma and The Vedic People: Their History and Geography by Rajesh Kocchar K. M. Shrimali
9 Working a Democratic Constitution: The Indian Experience
by Granville Austin
Neeraja Jayal
11 Going Glocal is no fun. An Essay. Sham Lal
12 India's Newspaper Revolution: Capitalism, Politics and the Indian-Language Press 1977-99 by Robin Jeffrey Arvind N. Das
14 Tibet, India and China: Critical Choices, Uncertain Future by Rajesh Kadian Prem Shankar Jha
15 Weapons of Peace by Raj Chengappa Kunal Verma
17 Waziristan: The Faqir of Ipi and the Indian Army, The North West Frontier Revolt by Alan Warren Kaushik Roy
18 Green Politics: Global Environmental Negotiations edited by Anil Agarwal, Sunita Narain and Anju Sharma Darryl D'Monte
19 Environmentalism: A Global History by Ramachandra Guha and Hot Topics by S. A. Abbasi, P. Krishnakumari and F. I. Khan Tristram Stuart
21 The Flipside of Production by Ercole Sori, Managing Waste by Guido Viale and The ZERI Project by Gunter Pauli Anna Segre
22 The Politics of Civil Society Building: European Private Aid Agencies and Democratic Transitions in Central America by Kees Biekart Peter Waterman
23 Architecture and Art of the Deccan Sultanates by George Michell and Mark Zebrowski William Dalrymple
25 The Making of Indo-Persian Culture-Indian and French Studies edited by Muzaffar Alam, F.N. Delvoye and Marc Gaborieau Seema Alavi
26 Khajuraho: The First Thousand Years by Shobita Punja Aparna Vaidik
28 Sakuntala by Romila Thapar Vasudha Dalmia
30 The Silken Swing: The Cultural Universe of Dalit Women edited by Fernando Franco, Jyotsna Macwan and Suguna Ramanathan Meenakshi Nath
31 The Indigenous Cosmopolitan. An Essay Tabish Khair
33 An Obedient Father by Akhil Sharma Nilanjana S. Roy
34 Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain by Jeffrey Moore and The Legend of the Rockhills and Other Stories by Funso Aiyejina Alice Albinia
35 Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid Indrajit Hazra
36 Homes in Emptiness: Anthology of Bangla Stories compiled by Sumanta Banerjee and Rani Ray and Falling Apart by Suchitra Bhattacharya and translated by Rani Ray Purabi Panwar
37 Classical Hindu Thought: An Introduction by Arvind Sharma Shobita Punja
38 Oh Terrifying Mother: Sexuality, Violence and Worship of the Goddess Kali by Sarah Caldwell Nilima M. Chitgopekar
SEEMA ALAVI is Associate Professor of History at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
NILIMA M. CHITOPEKAR is Reader in History at Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi, and author of Encountering Sivaism: The Deity, The Milieu, The Entourage.
VASUDHA DALMIA is Professor of Hindi and South-Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.
WILLIAM DALRYMPLE is the author of City of Djinns and At the Court of the Fish-Eyed Goddess. He is currently working on The White Moghuls, a book detailing the life and times of James Achilles Kirkpatrick, which will be published by HarperCollins Publishers next year.
DARRYL D'MONTE is an environmental journalist who has been working on a book on Mumbai's mill lands.
FERUCCIO GIACANELLI is a psychiatrist who has edited the Italian editions of the works of Dietrich Dórner, Ludwig Binswanger, and Luc Gompi.
INDRAJIT HAZRA is a journalist at The Hindustan Times, New Delhi.
NEERAJA JAYAL teaches politics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
TABISH KHAIR is Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Copenhagen. He has published several books of Poetry, the latest being Where Parallel Lines Meet (Penguin Books India, 2000).
MEENAKSHI NATH is a management graduate who belongs to a pro-Dalit rights group.
PURABI PANWAR is an academic and critic.
SHOBITA PUNJA is an art historian who has been involved in initiating several conservation projects for the preservation of India's artistic heritage.
KAUSHIK ROY has just submitted his Ph.D thesis entitled The Colonial Indian Army: Recruitment and Command Mechanism,1859-1913, at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal University, New Delhi.
NILANJANA S. ROY is the Books Page Editor for Outlook and a Delhi-based freelance writer on arts and books.
PREM SHANKAR JHA is a columnist based in New Delhi. He is the author of several books including Kashmir: 1947: Rival Versions of History.
ANNA SEGRE teaches Geography and Economics at the University of Torino.
K. M. SHRIMALI is Professor of History at Delhi University.
SHIV KUMAR SRINIVASAN teaches at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.
TRISTRAM STUART is a freelance writer based in New Delhi.
APARNA VAIDIK is a research scholar working on the history of the Andaman Islands at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal University, New Delhi.
KUNAL VERMA is a film-maker specialising in wildlife and national security issues.
PETER WATERMAN is author of Globalisation, Social Movements and the New Internationalisms (Cassell, London, 1998) and co-editor of Labour Worldwide in the Era of Globalisation: Alternative Union Models in the New World Order (Macmillan, London, 1999).

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