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VOL. VII  NOS. 7 & 8 JULY - AUGUST 2002 RS 50 UK £ 2.50 US $5


    VOL. VII  NOS. 7 & 8 40 PAGES JULY - AUGUST 2002
4 The Shade of Swords: Jihad and the Conflict between Islam and Christianity by M. J. Akbar. Syed Shahabuddin
7 Warriors of God - A Debate Prafull Goradia
8 Political Islam in the Indian Subcontinent: The Jamaat-i-Islami by Frederic Grare and Islam and Jihad by A. G. Noorani Amrik Singh
10 In Terror and Admiration - An essay. Charles Lock
12 The Mulberry Empire by Philip Hensher and Heaven's Edge by Romesh Gunesekera Tabish Khair
14 Real Time: Stories and a Reminiscence by Amit Chaudhuri Kalpish Ratna
15 Desirable Daughters by Bharati Mukherjee Manju Sampat
16 Where the Dreams Cross: T.S. Eliot and French Poetry
by Chinmoy Guha.
Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee
17 The Hindi Public Sphere 1920-1940: Language and Literature in the Age of Nationalism by Francesca Orsini Kathryn Hansen
18 Inside India by Halide Edib, with an Introduction by Mushirul Hasan Seema Alavi
19 Cities: Communal cauldrons
20 Lest we Forget: Gujarat 2002 edited by Amrita Kumar and Prashun Bhaumik and Harvest of Hate: Gnjarat under Siege by Swami Agnivesh and Valson Thampu Harsh Sethi
22 Normalcy Returns in Gujarat, Like a Vulture: A Writer's Diary in Ahmedabad Amitava Kumar
24 Urban Violence in India: Identity Politics, 'Mumbai'and the Postcolonial City by Thomas Blom Hansen Darryl D'Monte
25 Sarai Reader 02: The Cities of Everyday Life Diya Mehra
27 City Improbable: An Anthology of Writings on Delhi edited by Khushwant Singh Partho Datta
28 Mehrauli: A View from the Qutb, photographs by Karoki Lewis and text by Charles Lewis Ranjana Sengupta
30 Islamabad: The Birth of a Capital by Orestes Yakas Jagan Shah
31 Ripping the Fabric: The Decline of Mumbai and its Mills - An Extract Darryl D'Monte
32 The Pain of Passing-The Second Arvind N. Das Memorial Lecture Jan Breman
36 The Horse that Flew: How India's Silicon Gurus Spread their Wings by Chidanand Rajghatta Pratik Kanjilal
37 Nirvana under the Rain Tree: Stories of Fortunes and Flameouts from Indians Internet Revolution by Samar Halarnkar Devangshu Datta
38 Linking up: Constructing the audience and de/reconstructing the text in online book reviews Rosario C. Kodriguez & Luisa V. Alfonso
SEEMA ALAVI is Associate Professor of History, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.
NIRMAL KANTI BHATTACHARJEE is Editor, Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi) and till recently the Director of National Book Trust.
JAN BREMAN is Emeritus Professor of Sociology and is affiliated to the Amsterdam School of Social Science Research.
ROSARIO C. RODRIGUEZ is a Research Assistant at University Juame I, Castellon, Spain. Her research interests are discourse analysis and applied cognitive linguistics.
DEVANGSHU DATTA is 40, semi-retired and does some financial consultancy when he needs to eat.
PARTHO DATTA teaches history at Zakir Hussain Evening College, Delhi University.
PRAFULL GORADIA is a former Member of Parliament and the author of The Saffron Book (2001).
KATHRYN HANSEN teaches courses in Hindi literature, cinema and gender studies at the University of Texas, Austin
PRATIK KANJILAL publishes The Little Magazine (, a print journal of ideas and letters.
TABISH KHAIR is Assistant Professor at the English Department of Copenhagen University and the author of Where Parallel Lines Meet and Babu Fictions.
AMITAVA KUMAR's new book, Bombay-London-New York, has been published by Penguin-India this summer.
CHARLES LOCK is Professor in the Department of English, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
DIYA MEHRA has received her M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Texas, Austin and works on urban change and street cultures.
DARRYL D'MONTE is a Mumbai-based environmental journalist and former Resident Editor of The Times of India. His book Ripping the Fabric: The Decline of Mumbai and its Mills is due to be released soon by the Oxford University Press.
KALPISH RATNA is the psuedonym under which Ishrat Syed and Kalpana Swaminathan write together. They edited the Books Page of The Sunday Observer and work as surgeons in Mumbai.
MANJU SAMPAT switched careers mid-way, moving from airlines industry to academics. She has written articles for literary collections and has worked on a book for the British Council for the 'Writer and their Work' series. She has recently finished a book on Bharari Mukherjee, currently being edited in the United Kingdom.
RANJANA SENGUPTA is working on a book on post-1947 Delhi.
HARSH SETHI is the editor of Seminar.
SYED SHAHABUDDIN is a former member of the Indian Foreign Service. After taking premature retirement in 1978, he entered public life and served three terms in the Parliament. Since 1983 he has been editing Muslim India. He is the Convenor of the Babri Masjid Movement Coordination Committee and President of the apex Muslim body, the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat.
AMRIK SINGH is the founder-editor of The Indian Book Chronicle.
JAGAN SHAH practices architecture in New Delhi. He also teaches at the School of Planning and Architecture.
LUISA V. ALFONSO teaches French at the University Juame I, Castellon, Spain.

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