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VOL. VIII  NOS. 1 & 2 JANUARY - FEBURARY 2003 RS 50 UK £ 2.50 US $5


  VOL. VIII   NOS. 1 & 2 40 PAGES January - February 2003
4 Ignorance by Milan Kundera, translated from the French by Linda Asher Supriya Chaudhuri
5 Kalikatha via Bypass by Alka Saraogi, translated from Hindi by Alka Saraogi Navtej Sarna
6 The Body and Seven Stories by Hanif Kureishi Kalpish Ratna
7 God’s Mischief by M. Mukundan, translated from the French by Prema Jayakumar K. Satchidanandan
8 Fingersmith by Sarah Waters Karishma Hussain
9 A Married Woman by Manju Kapur Geeta Doctor
10 Masterpiece and Other Stories by Yasmine Gooneratne Meenakshi Mukherjee
11 The Carpet Wars: A Journey Across the Islamic Heartlands by Christopher Kremmer Daniel Lak
12 Brothers in the Raj: The Lives of John and Henry Lawrence by Harold Lee Gurbir Mansingh
14 From Kashmir to Kabul: Photography 1860-1900 by Omar Khan Pankaj Butalia
16 Ageless Mind and Spirit: Faces and Voices from the World of India’s Elderly Photography by Samar S Jodha, Research and editing by Vijay S Jodha, Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama Radhika Chopra
18 What to see in Benaras—An essay Sunil Khilnani
20 Postcards from Bangladesh Poems by Sudeep Sen, Photography
by Tanvir, Design by Kelley Lynch
Deb Mukharji
22 A Way into India by Raghubir Singh Sabeena Gadihoke
23 Imagining Reality—Susan Visvanathan in conversation with
Dayanita Singh on the reality and fantasy of photography
26 Éxposure: Portrait of a Corporate Crime by Raghu Rai, with an Introduction by Anil Sharma and Bhopal Gas Tragedy: The Worst Industrial Disaster in Human History by Suroopa Mukherjee, with photographs by Raghu Rai Karna Basu
29 Rio, Johannesburg and Beyond: India’s Progress in Sustainable Development and From Rio de Janeiro to Johannesburg: Action Today and not Just Promises for Tomorrow by MS Swaminathan Darryl D’Monte
30 Development Hegemony: NGOs and the State in India
by Sangeeta Kamat
Amita Baviskar & Vasudha Chotray
33 Mistaken Modernity: India between Worlds by Dipankar Gupta Shamlal
35 In Search of Gandhi: Essays and Reflections by BR Nanda TN Madan
36 Beyond Nationalist Frames: Relocating Postmodernism,
Hindutva and History
by Sumit Sarkar
Projit Bihari Mukherji
38 Liberalism and Empire: India in British Liberal Thought
by Uday Singh Mehta
Rahul Sagar
KARNA BASU is an Economics Ph.D student at MIT, USA.
AMITA BAVISKAR teaches Sociology at the University of Delhi and is currently the Ciriacy-Wantrup Fellow at the University of California, Berkley.
PANKAJ BUTALIA is a Delhi-based filmmaker.
SUPRIYA CHAUDHURI is Professor of English at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, specialising in Renaissance and Modern European Literature, Philiosophy and Critical Theory. She is an active translator and reviewer.
RADHIKA CHOPRA is a Reader at the Department of Sociology, University of Delhi.
VASUDHA CHOTRAY is a Ph.D. researcher at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, on a Felix Scholarship. She works on contemporary issues of Decentralisation and Development in India.
GEETA DOCTOR is a freelance journalist who lives in Chennai. She is an art critic and literary reviewer who also writes on food and travel.
DARRYL D’MONTE is a Mumbai-based environmental journalist and former Resident Editor of The Times of India. He is the author of Ripping the Fabric: The Deline of Mumbai and its Mills (Oxford University Press, 2002).
SABEENA GADIHOKE teaches Video and Television Production at the Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
KARISHMA HUSSAIN currently works as copy editor for the theatre journal Prithvi Notes and has published poems in The Little Magazine.
SUNIL KHILNANI’s books include The Idea of India, Arguing Revolution: The Intellectual Left in Postwar France and (as co-editor) Civil Society: History and Possibilities.
DANIEL LAK is a Himalayan journalsit based in Nepal.
T.N. MADAN is Emeritus Professor at the Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi.
GURBIR MANSINGH served in the Indian Army from 1952 to 1989 and retired as the Quarter Master General. Currently he works actively with the International Committee of the Red Cross. He co-authored Reminiscences: The French in India.
DEB MUKHARJI, formerly a member of the Indian Foreign Service, spent many years in Bangladesh. He is interested in photography, mountains and literature.
MEENAKSHI MUKHERJEE’s recent books are The Perishable Empire (Oxford University Press, Delhi, 2000) in English and Upanyase Ateet: Itihas O Kalpana (Thema, Kolkata, 2003) in Bangla.
PROJIT BIHARI MUKHERJI is a research student at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
KALPISH RATNA is the psuedonym under which Ishrat Syed and Kalpana Swaminathan write together. They edited the Books Page of the Sunday Observer and work as surgeons in Mumbai.
RAHUL SAGAR is a C. Douglas Dillon Fellow and a doctoral candidate in Political Philosophy in the Department of Government, Harvard University.
NAVTEJ SARNA is currently the Official Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry. He has written short stories for the London Magazine and BBC. He is a regular contributor to the Times Literary Supplement. His first novel We Were not Lovers Like That is under publication with Penguin India.
K. SATCHIDANANDAN is an eminent Malayalam poet, critic and translator with more than 50 publications. He has won several awards for poetry and prose and has translations in all major Indian languages besides English, French and Italian. He has two volumes of original essays in English, Indian Literature: Positions and Propositions and Authors, Texts, Issues. He is Secretary, Sahitya Akademi and lives in Delhi
SUSAN VISVANATHAN is Associate Professor of Sociology at Jawaharhal Nehru University and author of The Visiting Moon (India Ink, Delhi, 2002).

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