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VOL. VIII  NOS. 3 & 4 MARCH - APRIL 2003 RS 50 UK £ 2.50 US $5


  VOL. VIII   NOS. 3 & 4 40 PAGES MARCH - APRIL 2003
4 White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India by William Dalrymple Narayani Gupta
5 Imperial Bodies: The Physical Experience of the Raj, c. 1800-1947 by EM Collingham Tristram Stuart
6 The Great Mutiny of 1857 by Saul David Sabyasachi Dasgupta
6 A Historical Epic: India in the Making 1757-1950, From Surrender to Revolt, Swaraj to Responsibility, Exhibition-Auction Catalogue, curated by Neville Tuli Lata Singh
7 Structure of Politics Under Arungzeb (1658-1708) by SM Azizuddin Hussain and The Forgotten Mughals: A History of the Later Emperors of the House of Babar (1707-1857) by GS Cheema Saifuddin Ahmad
7 The Adventures of Hamza: Painting and Storytelling in Mughal India by John Seyller, with contributions by Wheeler M Thackston, Ebba Koch, Antoinette Owen and Rainald Franz and Painting for the Mughal Emperor: The Art of the Book, 1550-1660 by Susan Stronge John H. Bowles
8 The Miniaturist by Kunal Basu Anupreeta Das
9 Western Medicine and Public Health in Colonial India, 1845-1895 by Mridula Ramanna Saurabh Mishra
10 War Without End: The Rise of Islamist Terrorism and Global Response by Dilip Hiro and Pakistan: In the Shadow of Jihad and Afghanistan by Marie Ann Weaver I.P. Khosla
11 The 1971 Indo-Pak War: A Soldier’s Story by Major General Hakeem Arshad Qureishi, HI(M), SJ, S.Bt Shankar Roychowdhury
12 Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia by Ahmed Rashid Bhakti Shringarpure
14 Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life by Eric Hobsbawm Achin Vanaik
16 Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany by Robert Gellately and Nazi Terror: The Gestapo, Jews and Ordinary Germans by Eric A Johnson Vandana Joshi
18 India’s Jewish Heritage: Ritual, Art and Life-Cycle edited by Shalva Weil Jael Silliman
20 Book of Esther by Esther David Shalva Weil
22 The Autograph Man by Zadie Smith Charles Buchan
23 An Illustrated History of Indian Writing in English edited by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra Padmini Mongia
26 A Difficult Friendship: Letters of Edward Thompson and Rabindranath Tagore, 1913-1940 edited by Uma Das Gupta Sukanta Chaudhuri
29 In Times of Siege by Githa Hariharan Martina Ghosh-Schellhorn
30 The Brainfever Bird by I Allan Sealy Nandini Lal
33 Dream and Vision in the Novels of Ernesto Sabato and other Essays by Aditya Chauhan Minni Sawhney
35 The Chine by Miami Khalvati and A Colour of Solitude by Sujata Bhatt Tabish Khair
36 Modern Indian Poetry in English: Revised Edition by Bruce King; Handwriting by Michael Ondaatje; Logopathic Reviewer’s Song by Kaiser Haq and A Day with Destiny by Shawkat Haider Sudeep Sen
36 Rooms are Never Finished by Agha Shahid Ali Raza A. Mir
38 Illiterate Heart by Meena Alexander Sachidananda Mohanty
SAIFUDDIN AHMAD is a Ph. D student of Medieval History at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
CHARLES BUCHAN is a literary agent at The Susijn Agency, whose authors include Radhika Jha, Anita Nair, Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya, and Sunny Singh.
JOHN H. BOWLES develops international art exhibitions for Radford University Art Museum in Virginia. He has also contributed to various Asian journals, including Outlook, Orientations and Marg.
SUKANTA CHAUDHURI is Professor of English at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, and General Editor of the Oxford Tagore Translations series.
ANUPREETA DAS is taking a break from journalism to pursue her Masters’ degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
SABYASACHI DASGUPTA is a Ph.D student at Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
NARAYANI GUPTA teaches at the Department of History and Culture, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
VANDANA JOSHI is the winner of the Frankel Prize in Contemporary History, awarded by Weiner Library, London for her work Gender and Power in the Third Reich.
TABISH KHAIR is Associate Professor in the Department of English, Aarhus University, Denmark, and the author of several books.
I.P. KHOSLA was formerly the Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan.
NANDINI LAL is a columnist and critic who has worked in journalism, advertising and publishing.
RAZA A. MIR teaches at William Paterson University in New Jersey, USA, and helps edit SAMAR, South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection.
SACHIDANANDA MOHANTY, a winner of Katha Award for outstanding translation, is a Professor of English Literature at the University of Hyderabad. His forthcoming book is Travel Writing and the Empire.
SAURABH MISHRA is a M.Phil student at the Centre for Historical Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University.
PADMINI MONGIA is a Professor of English at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She is working on a book examining the marketing of Indian fiction in English.
SHANKAR ROYCHOWDHURY served in the Indo-Pak wars, in 1965 in Jammu &Kashmir, and in 1971 in Bangladesh. He retired as Chief of Army Staff in 1997. Currently he is a Member of Parliament from West Bengal in the Rajya Sabha.
MINNI SAWHNEY teaches literature and history of Spain and Latin America at Delhi University.
MARTINA GHOSH-SCHELLHORN, Professor of New English Literatures and Cultures, and initiator of Transcultural Anglophone Studies at the University of Saarland, has taught at several German universities, in Vienna, and at a number of South African universities. Her publications include Anthony Burgess: A Study in Character (1986), and Steep Stairs To Myself: Transitionality and Autobiography (forthcoming).
BHAKTI SHRINGARPURE, a writer and translator, is also a Phd candidate in Comparative Literature at the City University of New York specializing in Cultural Reportage and Visual Culture.
LATA SINGH teaches History at Maitreyi College, Delhi University.
TRISTRAM STUART’s book The Bloodless Revolution: Hindus and Radical Vegetarians in Europe (1650-1800) will be published by HarperColins in 2004.
SUDEEP SEN’s ( Postmarked India: New & Selected Poems (HarperCollins) was awarded the Hawthornden Fellowship (UK) and nominated for a Pushcart Prize (USA). His new book, Revival: Poems & Translations (UPL / Wings Press, USA) appears in February 2003. He is an editor of the Journal of Commonwealth Literature, and Six Seasons Review.
JAEL SILLIMAN is the author of Jewish Portraits, Indian Frames: Women’s Narratives From A Diaspora of Hope (University Press of New England and Seagull Press, India 2002). She was an Associate Professor at the University of Iowa and currently is a Program Officer at the Ford Foundation, New York.
ACHIN VANAIK is Visiting Professor at the Department of Political Science, Delhi University.
SHALVA WEIL is an anthropologist at the Hebrew University specializing in Indian Jewry. She has edited the recently published volume India’s Jewish Heritage: Ritual, Art, and Life-Cycle (Marg, 2002).

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