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VOL. VIII  NOS. 5 & 6 MAY - JUNE 2003 RS 50 UK £ 2.50 US $5


  VOL. VIII   NOS. 5 & 6 40 PAGES May - June 2003
4 Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History of a Lost Land by Patrick French Daniel Lak
5 Spies in the Himalayas: Secret Missions and Perilious Climbs by MS Kohli and Kenneth Conboy Mohan Guruswamy
6 Everest: Summit of Achievement
by Stephen Venables, Foreword by Edmund Hillary
Vijay Jung Thapa
8 Into the High Ranges: The Penguin Book of Mountain Writings
by Ravina Aggarwal
Smita Gandotra
10 Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World by Niall Ferguson Sagarika Ghose
12 Theater of War by Lewis Lapham Shelley Walia
13 The Common-sense on the War on Iraq by KP Fabian and Iraq:
Report from the Inside
by Dilip Hiro
Sukumar Muralidharan
16 “Clear and Present Danger?”— An essay on the excuses of war Dave Knight
17 Bowling for Columbine written, directed and produced by Michael
Moore and 24 by Fox Broadcasting Company
Alice Albinia
19 “The Voice of the Peninsula”— An Extract from The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihad and Modernity by Tariq Ali Tariq Ali
20 “The War of Words and the Words of War”— An essay on the
language and rhetoric of war propagandists
Peggy Mohan
22 Letter from Berkeley —Reports on the Anti-War Protests Amita Baviskar
23 Letter from Cambridge Seema Alavi
24 “Literature of our Times”— A look at some unlikely bestsellers in the USA Raza A. Mir
26 Regarding the Pain of Others by Susan Sontag M. V. Ramana
27 Fire By Sebastian Junger; Jarhead: A Mariner’s Chronicle of the Gulf
War and Other Battles
by Anthony Swofford and The Hunt for
Bin Laden: Task Force Dagger
by Robin Moore
Bhakti Shringarpure
29 Tony and Me by James Parsons and The White Flag Principle: How to Lose a War (and why) by Shimon Tzabar Debjani Sengupta
30 “Why Write a Novel on Conflict?” Rita Rahman
31 Terror Counter-Terror: Women Speak Out edited by Ammu Joseph and Kalpana Sharma Gitika De
32 Abandon: A Romance by Pico Iyer Vatsala Kaul
33 Yadav: A Roadside Love Story by Jill Lowe Hemant Sareen
34 Cult of the Tiger by Valmik Thapar; The Way of the Tiger: Natural History and Conservation of the Endangered Big Cat by
K. Ullas Karanth and Spell of the Tiger: The Man-eaters of
by Sy Montgomery
Latika Nath Rana
36 “Gentleman Jim”—Jim Corbett, the Making of a Publishing Legend Sridhar Balan
38 Inventing Global Ecology: Tracking the Biodiversity Ideal in
India, 1945-1997
by Michael Lewis
David L. Gosling
39 Birds of Delhi by Ranjit Lal Aasheesh Pittie
SEEMA ALAVI is Smuts Visiting Fellow in Commonwealth Studies, University of Cambridge, UK.
ALICE ALBINIA is a freelance writer and editor and a post-graduate student at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.
TARIQ ALI is a writer and film-maker. He has written over a dozen books on world history and politics, five novels and scripts for both stage and screen. He is an editor of New Left Review and lives in London.
SRIDHAR BALAN is a consultant with Oxford University Press and also, Director of the Certificate Course in Publishing organised by the FPBAI (Federation of Publishers and Booksellers Association in India).
AMITA BAVISKAR teaches Sociology at the University of Delhi and is currently the Ciriacy-Wantrup Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley.
GITIKA DE is a Ph.D. student at the Centre for the Study of Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
GLORIA FRYM is a poet and short story writer. She teaches at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland and San Francisco.
SMITA GANDOTRA teaches English at St. Stephens College, Delhi University.
SAGARIKA GHOSE is Senior Editor, Indian Express.
DAVID L. GOSLING teaches Ecology in the University of Cambridge, UK. He recently taught Environmental Chemistry at St Stephens College, Delhi University.
MOHAN GURUSWAMY is a columnist, policy analyst and management consultant.
VATSALA KAUL is a freelance writer and journalist and would like to hide in Pico Iyer’s travel case.
DAVE KNIGHT is Vice-President, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Chair of Advisory Board, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, UK.
DANIEL LAK is a Himalayan journalist and would-be explorer, based in Nepal and resolutely opposed to Orientalism in all forms.
RAZA A. MIR teaches at the William Paterson University in New Jersey, USA, and helps edit SAMAR, South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection.
PEGGY MOHAN has a Ph.D. in Linguistics (from the University of Michigan) and specializes in research on sociolinguistic topics, such as language change and how that indicates socioeconomic change. She earns her living teaching music at the Vasant Valley School, New Delhi.
SUKUMAR MURALIDHARAN is the Chief of Bureau, Frontline.
AASHEESH PITTIE is birdwatcher and bibliographer of Indian Ornithology.
RITA RAHMAN is Deputy Head of Mission, the Royal Netherlands Embassy, New Delhi and author of the novel Love’s Perfumes.
M.V. RAMANA is a member of the research staff at the Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University. He is the co-editor of Prisoners of the Nuclear Dream (Orient Longman, 2003).
LATIKA NATH RANA is a wildlife biologist and consultant, currently working in Nepal.
HEMANT SAREEN is a freelance writer and editor based in New Delhi.
DEBJANI SENGUPTA teaches at Indraprastha College, Delhi. She is the editor of Mapmaking: Partition Stories from Two Bengals (Srishti, 2003).
BHAKTI SHRINGARPURE, a writer and translator, is also a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature at the City University of New York specializing in Cultural Reportage and Visual Culture.
VIJAY JUNG THAPA is a journalist and former Secretary of the Himalayan Club of India.
SHELLEY WALIA is Professor of English at Panjab University, Chandigarh.

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