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VOL. VII  NOS. 11 & 12 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2003 RS 50 UK £ 2.50 US $5

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4 Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood Karishma Attari
5 The Garden of Earthly Delights by Indrajit Hazra Kalpish Ratna
6 Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million by Martin Amis Leeya Mehta
8 The Princely Imposter: The Kumar of Bhawal and the Secret History of Indian Nationalism by Partha Chatterjee Tanika Sarkar
10 “Writing History”—Prof. Ranajit Guha talks to Badri Narayan about historiography, nationalism, communism and much more. Badri Narayan
13 The Making and Unmaking of an Industrial Working Class: Sliding Down the Labour Hierarchy in Ahmedabad, India by Jan Breman Rakhi Sehgal
15 “No More a Mill Hand”—Photo-essay with photographs from Working in the Mill No More, text by Jan Breman and photographs by Parthiv Shah Parthiv Shah
16 Bombay and Mumbai: The City in Transition edited by Sujata Patel
and Jim Masselos
Darryl D’Monte
18 “Another World is Possible”— an extract from Are Other Worlds
Possible? The Past, Present, and Futures of the World Social Forum
edited by Jai Sen, Anita Anand, Arturo Escobar and Peter Waterman
Peter Waterman
20 An Escape into Silence by Bhaskar Roy Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee
21 The Traveller and the Road by Mohit Sen Rudrangshu Mukherjee
22 Early India from Genesis to c. AD 1300 by Romila Thapar Ranabir Chakravarti
24 Unsettling Memories: Narratives of India’s ‘Emergency’
by Emma Tarlo
Harish Khare
26 In the Name of Democracy: JP and the Emergency by Bipan Chandra Kuldeep Nayar
27 PMO Diary-1: Prelude to the Emergency by B.N. Tandon Uma Vasudev
28 Understanding Partition by Yuvraj Krishan B.R. Nanda
30 Partition and Genocide: Manifestation of Violence in Punjab,
by Andres Bjorn Hansen
Projit Bihari Mukherji
31 Witness to Partition: A Memoir by B.R. Nanda Jagmohan Mahajan
32 Time Out: Stories from Punjab edited by Jasjit Mansingh, Foreword by K.S. Duggal Malini Sood
34 Mapmaking: Partition Stories from Two Bengals edited by Debjani Sengupta Papiya Ghosh
35 The Trauma and the Triumph: Gender and Partition in Eastern India edited by Jasodhara Bagchi and Subhoranjan Dasgupta Pothik Ghosh
36 Savarkar and Hindutva: The Godse Connection by A.G. Noorani Vinayak Chaturvedi
37 The Production of Hindu-Muslim Violence in Contemporary India
by Paul R. Brass
K.S. Subramanian
39 Hali’s Musaddas: A Story in Verse of the Ebb and Tide of Islam
translated from the Urdu by Syeda Saiyidain Hameed
Seema Alavi
SEEMA ALAVI is Associate Professor of History at Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi.
KARISHMA ATTARI co-edits Prithvi Notes, the journal of Prithvi Theatres.
NIRMAL KANTI BHATTACHARJEE is Editor, Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi) and, formerly, the Director of National Book Trust.
RANABIR CHAKRAVARTI teaches at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
VINAYAK CHATURVEDI is Assistant Professor of History at the University of California, Irvine. He is the editor of Mapping Subaltern Studies and the Postcolonial (London, 2000).
DARRYL D’MONTE is a Mumbai-based environmental journalist and former Resident Editor of The Times of India. He is the author of Ripping the Fabric: The Decline of Mumbai and its Mills (Oxford University Press, 2002).
PAPIYA GHOSH teaches at the Department of History, Patna University.
POTHIK GHOSH is Assistant Copy-Editor with Outlook and co-convener of the Delhi Chapter of the Indian Institute of Marxist Studies.
HARISH KHARE is Associate Editor, The Hindu.
JAGMOHAN MAHAJAN is a former Diplomat and was also a witness to Partition.
LEEYA MEHTA has worked as an entrepreneur, non-profit sector consultant, and business and travel writer. She read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University on the Radhakrishnan scholarship. Her short stories have been published by International Gallerie and Little Magazine.
PROJIT BIHARI MUKHERJI is a Felix Fellow, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.
RUDRANGSHU MUKHERJEE is Editor, Editorial pages, The Telegraph.
B.R. NANDA is a historian and biographer. He is the former Director of Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi.
BADRI NARAYAN is a Lecturer, G.B.Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad.
KULDEEP NAYAR is a columnist and former Member of Rajya Sabha.
KALPISH RATNA is the pseudonym under which Ishrat Syed and Kalpana Swaminathan write together. They edited the Books Page of the Sunday Observer and work as surgeons in Mumbai.
TANIKA SARKAR is Professor of History at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
RAKHI SEHGAL is a Doctoral Candidate at American University, Washington D.C.
PARTHIV SHAH is a filmmaker, photographer and designer. He runs the Centre for Media and Alternative Communications (CMAC).
MALINI SOOD is Associate Editor with the Penguin Group, India.
K. S. SUBRAMANIAN is a former senior civil servant and Director of the Research and Policy Division of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.
UMA VASUDEV is a writer and filmmaker. She has also written two biographies of Indira Gandhi.
PETER WATERMAN retired from the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, in 1998. He is the author of Globalisation, Social Movements and the New Internationalisms (Cassell, 1998) and co-editor with Ronaldo Munck of Labour Worldwide in the Era of Globalisation: Alternative Union Models in the New World Order (Macmillan, 1999).

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