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5 Indian Realities: In Bits and Pieces by Sham Lal Rukmini Bhaya Nair
7 India Unbound: From Independence to the Global Information
by Gurcharan Das
Amartya Sen
9 Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre Anuradha Roy
10 Love by Toni Morrison Kallol Bhattacharjee
11 Adultery and Other Stories by Farrukh Dhondy Vatsala Kaul
12 My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk Chandrahas Chodhury
14 The Boyfriend by Raj Rao Ashley Tellis
15 Frank Unedited: The Best of Frank Simoes by Frank Simoes;
Foreword by Dom Moraes
Suhel Seth
16 Death of a Poet: A Tribute to Nissim Ezekiel Jerry Pinto
17 A Childhood in Malabar: A Memoir by Kamala Das, translated from the Malayalam by Gita Krishnankutty K. Saradamoni
18 Song Sung True: A Memoir by Malka Pukhraj, translated from
the Urdu by Saleem Kidwai
Kishwar Ahluwalia
19 On Balance: An Autobiography by Leila Seth Malavika Rajkotia
20 Woman and Empire: Representations in the Writing of British India (1858-1900)by Indrani Sen Antoinette Burton
21 Begums, Thugs and Englishmen: The Journals of Fanny Parkes selected and introduced by William Dalrymple Malavika Karlekar
22 Family History by Janaki Agnes Penelope Majumdar (née Bonnerjee), edited and with an Introduction by Antoinette Burton Rimli Bhattacharya
24 A Marathi Saga: The Story of Sir Moropant and Lady Yashodabai Joshi by Yashodabai Joshi, translated from the Marathi by V.V. Bhided Parnal Chirmuley
25 Ratanbai: A High-Caste Child-Wife by Shevantibai Nikambe, edited by Chandani Lokuge Indrani Sen
26 Tense Past, Tense Present: Women Writing in English by Joel Kuortti Eunice DeSouza
27 Country of Goodbyes by Mridula Garg M.K. Raghavendra
28 Women’s Voices: Selections from Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Century Indian Writing in English; Introduction by Eunice de Souza and Biographical Notes by Lindsay Pereira Anjana Sharma
29 Gendering Caste: Through a Feminist Lens by Uma Chakravarti Carol Upadhya
30 Gender and Caste edited by Anupama Rao Rochona Majumdar
31 Gender in the Hindu Nation by Paola Bacchetta Manisha Sethi
33 “Business as Usual”— an extract from Beyond the Courtyard Anees Jung
34 Is the Goddess a Feminist? The Politics of South Asian Goddesses
edited by Alf Hiltebeitel & Kathleen M. Erndl
Pradip Bhattacharya
35 Gender, Religion, and “Heathen Lands”: American Missionary Women in South Asia (1860’s-1940’s), Gender, Culture, And Global Politics, Vol. 4 by Maina Chawla Singh Meena Bhargava
36 The Sari by Mukulika Banerjee and Daniel Miller Geeta Doctor
38 Monsoon, words by Sudeep Sen; images by Mahmood Jane Bhandari
KISHWAR AHLUWALIA is Managing Editor, Roli Books. She is also a television anchor/producer and book critic.
MEENA BHARGAVA is Reader at the Department of History, Indraprastha College, University of Delhi.
JANE BHANDARI is a writer and painter and lives in Bombay.
KALLOL BHATTACHARJEE is a research scholar at the Centre for West Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
PRADIP BHATTACHARYA belongs to the Indian Administrative Service and has written several books on the Mahabharata and papers on comparative mythology.
RIMLI BHATTACHARYA teaches at the Department of English, University of Delhi.
ANTOINETTE BURTON is at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
PARNAL CHIRMULEY finished her P. hD. from Centre for German S tudies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, on the topic, “Appropriating the Past: European Indology and Conflicting Notions of History in 19th-century Maharashtra.”
GEETA DOCTOR is a freelance journalist who lives in Chennai. She is an art critic and literary reviewer who also writes on food and travel.
ANEES JUNG began her career as a writer as Editor of Youth Times. She has been a columnist for major newspapers in India and abroad and is the author of several books including Unveiling India, Night of the New Moon, Seven Sisters, Peace in Winter Gardens and Breaking the Silence.
MALAVIKA KARLEKAR is Editor of Indian Journal of Gender Studies, Centre for Women’s Development Studies, New Delhi.
VATSALA KAUL is a freelance writer and journalist based in Delhi.
ROCHONA MAJUMDAR is at the University of Chicago.
RUKMINI BHAYA NAIR is Professor of Linguistics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Her latest book is Narrative Gravity:Conversation, Cognition, Culture (Routledge, 2003).
JERRY PINTO is Executive Editor of Man’s World magazine. His first book of poems, Asylum has just been released.
M.K. RAGHAVENDRA is a literary and film critic who won the ‘Best Film Critic’ national award for 1996. He is also a former Homi Bhabha Fellow.
MALAVIKA RAJKOTIA is a lawyer practising in Delhi.
ANURADHA ROY is an editor at Permanent Black.
K. SARADAMONI is a senior social scientist based in Thiruvananthapuram.
AMARTYA SEN was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1998.
INDRANI SEN teaches at the Department of English, Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi. She is the author of Woman and Empire: Representations in the Writings of British India,1858-1900 (Orient Longman, 2002).
SUHEL SETH is CEO of Equus Red Cell.
ANJANA SHARMA teaches English Literature at Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi.
EUNICE DE SOUZA is a poet and novelist. She retired as the Head of Department of English, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.
ASHLEY TELLIS is a Postdoctoral fellow in LGBT Studies at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
CAROL UPADHYA is a Fellow in the Sociology and Social Anthropology Unit of the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

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