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- Editorial Rukmini Bhaya Nair
- Letter from a Founder Editor Dileep Padgaonkar
- India Shastra: Reflections on the Nation in Our Time
by Shashi Tharoor
Harsh Sethi
- The Seasons of Trouble: Life Amid the Ruins of Sri Lanka's
Civil War
by Rohini Mohan
Sukumar Muralidharan
- The Colonel Who Would Not Repent: The Bangladesh War and Its
Unquiet Legacy
by Salil Tripathi
Samar Halarnkar
- The Song of the Shirt: Cheap Clothes Across Continents and
by Jeremy Seabrook
Adil Hossain
- The Struggle for Pakistan: A Muslim Homeland and Global Politics
by Ayesha Jalal
Mani Shankar Aiyar
- Creating a New Medina: State Power, Islam and the Quest for
Pakistan in Late Colonial North India
by Venkat Dhulipala
Purushottam Agrawal
- Historic Temples in Pakistan: A Call to Conscience
by Reema Abbasi; photography by Madiha Aijaz
Gillian Wright
- The Unquiet Ones: A History of Pakistan Cricket by
Osman Samiuddin
Pradeep Magazine
- Where Borders Bleed: An Insider's Account of Indo-Pak Relations
by Rajiv Dogra
Andrew Whitehead
- The Bullet and the Ballot Box: The Story of Nepal's
Maoist Revolution
by Aditya Adhikari
Michael Vurens van Es
- Kathmandu by Thomas Bell Deb Mukharji
- Becoming a Mountain: Himalayan Journeys in Search of the
Sacred and the Sublime
by Stephen Alter
Anuradha Roy
- Green Signals: Ecology, Democracy and Growth in India
by Jairam Ramesh
Darryl D'Monte
- Camel Karma: Twenty Years Among India's Camel Nomads
by Ilse Köhler-Rollefson
Vasant Saberwal
- Meltdown in Tibet: China's Reckless Destruction of Ecosystems from the Highlands of Tibet to the Deltas of Asia by Michael Buckley Shripad Dharmadhikary
- Wildfire: The Spendours of India's Animal Kingdom written
and edited by Valmik Thapar
Suniti Bhushan Datta
- The Song of the Magpie Robin – a memoir by Zafar Futehally with Shanthi and Ashish Chandola Bittu Sahgal
- The Tusk That Did The Damage by Tania James Jayaprakash Sathyamurthy
- Vanessa and Her Sister by Priya Parmar Mandakini Dubey
- Don’t Let Him Know by Sandip Roy Akhil Katyal
- A Clutch of Indian Masterpieces: Extraordinary Short Stories
from the 19th Century to the Present
edited by David Davidar
Sudeep Paul
- Book of Common Signs by Ashok Srinivasan Sharanya Manivannan
- The Patna Manual of Style: Stories by Siddharth Chowdhury Antara Das
- The Fuss About Queens and Other Stories by Darius Cooper Chandrima Bhattacharya
- Primal Woman: Stories by Sunil Gangopadhyay; compiled and translated by Aruna Chakravarti by Ashok Srinivasan Vishnupriya Sengupta
- A Town Like Ours by Kavery Namibisan Indu K Mallah

PURUSHOTTAM AGRAWAL is a scholar of Kabir and Bhakti. He was a consultant with OXFAM India for their Violence Mitigation and Amelioration Project (VMAP). He served as professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University and as a member of the Union Public Service Commission.

MANI SHANKAR AIYAR is a former Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament. He served as the Consul General of India, Karachi in 1978-82. He is a prolific writer and an avid reader.

CHANDRIMA BHATTACHARYA is a journalist who works for The Telegraph, Calcutta.

ANTARA DAS works as the Books and Culture Editor with Swarajya magazine.

SUNITI BHUSHAN DATTA is a wildlife biologist and nature educator based in Dehradun and the author of Birding in the Doon Valley. He is an alumnus of the Wildlife Institute of India.

SHRIPAD DHARMADHIKARY is an activist and researcher, and coordinator of the Manthan Adhyayan Kendra that studies water and energy policies. His work includes dams, rivers, environmental flows and coal-water nexus looked at within a framework of just, equitable and sustainable development.

DARRYL D'MONTE chairs the Forum of Environmental Journalists of India (FEJI) and lives in Mumbai.

MANDAKINI DUBEY is Assistant Professor of English and Writing at Ashoka University. Since completing her PhD in English at Duke University, she has taught in the US and India, and is now based in New Delhi.

SAMAR HALARNKAR is the editor of a data-driven, public-interest journalism nonprofit.

ADIL HOSSAIN is pursuing his DPhil in International Development at Merton College, University of Oxford.

AKHIL KATYAL is a writer and translator based in Delhi. His first book of poetry Night Charge Extra is coming out in June, 2015 with Writer’s Workshop. He teaches Literature at Shiv Nadar University.

PRADEEP MAGAZINE is a veteran cricket writer, author of the book Not Quite Cricket (Penguin Books India) and Sports Advisor with the Hindustan Times.

INDU K. MALLAH is a writer, poet, literary critic, and social activist. She is the author of the critically-acclaimed Shadows in Dream-time, which has been translated into several languages.

SHARANYA MANIVANNAN is a writer and illustrator based in Chennai. Her first book of poems was Witchcraft.

DEB MUKHARJI is a former ambassador to Nepal and author of The Magic of Nepal.

SUKUMAR MURALIDHARAN is an independent writer and researcher currently on a fellowship with the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Simla.

RUKMINI BHAYA NAIR is Professor of Linguistics and English at IIT Delhi. Author of several academic books and three volumes of poetry, she has recently published her first novel, Mad Girl's Love Song (HarperCollins Publishers India, 2013).

DILEEP PADGAONKAR is a founder-editor of Biblio. A former Editor of the Times of India, he is presently its Consulting Editor.

SUDEEP PAUL is an assistant editor with the Opinion Pages of The Indian Express, New Delhi.

ANURADHA ROY won the Economist Crossword Prize for her novel The Folded Earth (Hachette India, 2011). Her third novel, Sleeping on Jupiter will be published in April.

VASANT SABERWAL spent time working among pastoralists in Himachal Pradesh in the 1990s and 2000s.

BITTU SAHGAL is an environmental journalist, author and Editor of Sanctuary Asia. He is a member of the Maharashtra Wildlife Advisory Board and has been at the forefront of the battle to protect wild India, and to highlight the threats India from the worst impacts of climate change. Associated with Project Tiger from its earliest days, he also founded Kids for Tigers, the Sanctuary Tiger Programme that reaches out to over one million young children across the country.

JAYAPRAKASH SATHYAMURTHY is a writer, musician and animal welfare worker who lives in Bangalore, India. His first short story collection, Weird Tales Of A Bangalorean, was published in 2013 and he is currently working on a follow-up.

VISHNUPRIYA SENGUPTA has a PhD in English Literature and is an alumna of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jadavpur University and University of Milan. A print journalist turned freelance writer, independent research scholar, occasional guest faculty, she currently works for PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited.

HARSH SETHI is Consulting Editor of Seminar magazine.

MICHAEL VURENS VAN ES is Kathmandu-based journalist. His work has appeared in Foreign Policy, World Politics Review and The Diplomat among others

ANDREW WHITEHEAD is a former BBC India correspondent and the author of A Mission in Kashmir.

GILLIAN WRIGHT is a journalist, author and translator living in New Delhi.

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