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- Battle of Belonging: On Nationalism, Patriotism, and What it Means to be Indian by Shashi Tharoor Suhas Palshikar
- Making Sense of Indian Democracy: Theory as Practice
by Yogendra Yadav
Harsh Sethi
- Midnight’s Borders: A People’s History of Modern India
by Suchitra Vijayan
Sukumar Muralidharan
- Indians: A Brief History of a Civilization by Namit Arora Harish Trivedi
- The India Way: Strategies for an Uncertain World by S. Jaishankar Prem Shankar Jha
- Kamala’s Way: An American Life by Dan Morain Maya Mirchandani
- Joe Biden: American Dreamer by Evan Osnos Meera Shankar
- John le Carré (1931 – 2020): In Memoriam
Supriya Chaudhuri
- Muscular India: Masculinity, Mobility and the New Middle Class
by Michiel Bass
Radhika Chopra
- The Coolie’s Great War: Indian Labour in a Global Conflict, 1914-1921 by Radhika Singha Sunil Amrith
- Dwijendra Narayan Jha (1940 – 2021): In Memoriam Jaya S Tyagi
- The Tale of the Horse: A History of India on Horseback
by Yashaswini Chandra
Vikramajit Ram
- The Longest Kiss: The Life and Times of Devika Rani
by Kishwar Desai
Shohini Ghosh
- Guru Dutt: An Unfinished Story by Yasser Usman Rashmi Doraiswamy
- Shadow Craft: Visual Aesthetics of Black and White Hindi Cinema
by Gayathri Prabhu and Nikhil Govind
Jai Arjun Singh
- Adda!: The College Street Coffee House photographs by Mala Mukerjee; text by Yael Silliman Pratik Kanjilal
- Enter Stage Right: The Alkazi / Padamsee Family Memoir
by Feisal Alkazi
Anjum Katyal
- Gandhi in the Gallery: The Art of Disobedience
by Sumathi Ramaswamy
Malavika Karlekar
- The Book of Indian Essays: Two Hundred Years of English Prose
edited by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra
Alok Rai
- The Urdu Ghazal: A Gift of India’s Composite Culture
by Gopi Chand Narang; translated from the Urdu by Surinder Deol
Mohammad Asim Siddiqui
- The Greatest Hindi Stories Ever Told
translated and edited by Poonam Saxena
Akshaya Kumar
- Ved Mehta (1934 – 2021): In Memoriam
Hemachandran Karah
- Murder at the Mushaira: A Novel by Raza Mir Amrita Sen
- Boys from Good Families by Usha KR Shashi Deshpande

SUNIL AMRITH is Renu and Anand Dhawan Professor of History at Yale University, and author of four books, including Crossing the Bay of Bengal: The Furies of Nature and the Fortunes of Migrants (Harvard University Press, 2013), and Unruly Waters: How Mountain Rivers and Monsoons Have Shaped South Asia’s History (Penguin, 2018).

SUPRIYA CHAUDHURI is Professor Emerita in the Department of English at Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

RADHIKA CHOPRA is a former Professor of Sociology at the University of Delhi

SHASHI DESHPANDE is a novelist and short story writer. Her last book was Listen to Me, a book of memoirs.

RASHMI DORAISWAMY is a Professor at the Academy of International Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia. She has written extensively on literature and cinema.

SHOHINI GHOSH is Sajjad Zaheer Professor at the AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

PREM SHANKAR JHA is a columnist for The Wire, former media adviser to Prime Minister VP Singh and former Editor of the Hindustan Times and the Financial Express. He is the author of The Perilous Road to the Market: A Political Economy of Reform in Russia, China and India (2002); Managed Chaos: The Fragility of the Chinese Miracle (2009) and Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger: Can China and India dominate the West (2010).

PRATIK KANJILAL is editor of The India Cable (www.theindiacable.com)

HEMACHANDRAN KARAH teaches in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

MALAVIKA KARLEKAR is the Editor of Indian Journal of Gender Studies at the Centre for Women’s Development Studies, New Delhi. Her books include Re-visioning the Past: Early Photography in Bengal (2005), Visualizing Indian Women (2005), Visual Histories: Photography in the Popular Imagination (2013) and Memories of Belonging: Images from the Colony and Beyond (2015).

ANJUM KATYAL is the author of several books on theatre and performance including Habib Tanvir: Towards an Inclusive Theatre and Badal Sircar: Towards a Theatre of Conscience. She was Chief Editor of Seagull Books for almost 20 years, as well as Editor of Seagull Theatre Quarterly, Calcutta.

AKSHAYA KUMAR is a Professor of English at Panjab University, Chandigarh. He is the author of A.K.Ramanujan: In Profile and Fragment (Rawat, 2004) and Poetry, Politics and Culture (Routledge, 2009).

MAYA MIRCHANDANI is an award-winning Indian journalist. She teaches Media Studies at Ashoka University and is a Senior Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. She was earlier Foreign Affairs editor at NDTV, and continues to be an independent columnist.

SUKUMAR MURALIDHARAN teaches at the School of Journalism, O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat.

SUHAS PALSHIKAR taught Political Science and is Chief Editor of Studies in Indian Politics. He is currently based in Pune.

ALOK RAI taught English at the University of Delhi.

VIKRAMAJIT RAM is the author of Elephant Kingdom: Sculptures from Indian Architecture (2007), Dreaming Vishnus: A Journey through Central India (2008), Tso and La: A Journey in Ladakh (2008) and a novel, The Sun and Two Seas (2016). He has latterly been occupied with the studio practices of the Mughal master-painters.

AMRITA SEN is an Associate Professor at the University of Calcutta. Her research looks at the early history and culture of the English East India Company.

HARSH SETHI is a former Consulting Editor of Seminar.

MEERA SHANKAR was the Indian Ambassador to the USA during President Obama’s first term when Joe Biden was Vice President.

JAI ARJUN SINGH is the author of The World of Hrishikesh Mukherjee (2015) and Jaane bhi do Yaaro: Seriously Funny Since 1983 (2010).

MOHAMMAD ASIM SIDDIQUI is a Professor of English at Aligarh Muslim University.

HARISH TRIVEDI taught English at the University of Delhi.

JAYA S TYAGI is a Professor in the Department of History, University of Delhi.

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