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VOL. 1  NO. 1 APRIL 1995 RS 20 UK £ 1.50 USD 3


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Founder Editors
Dileep Padgaonkar

Arvind N. Das (6.9.1948 - 6.8.2000)
Editor Emeritus:
Sham Lal
Assistant Editor:
Manisha Sethi
Publisher & Art Director: Brinda Datta

'Germination' by S.H.Raza (1987).From the collection of Jehangir Shakira Nagree, Bombay.

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   VOL. 1  NO. 1       INAUGURAL ISSUE 32 PAGES APRIL 1995
- Letter from the editor - The taste of the age Sham Lal
- Ethics for the New Millennium. An interview with Hans Kung Dileep Padgaonkar
- The Culture of Prosperity. A conversation with Francis Fukuyama Nathan Gardels
- Indian Communism: Opposition, Collaboration and Institutionalisation by Ross Mallick
Mohit Sen
- Looking Through Glass by Mukul Kesavan S. Prasannarajan
- Redefining Indian tradition Sitakanta Mahapatra
- States, Nations, Sovereignty : Sri Lanka, India and the Tamil Eelam Movement by Sumantra Bose Swapan Dasgupta
- The Feuding Families of Village Gangauli by Rahi Masoom Raza, translated from Hindi by Gillian Wright Shahid Amin
- D. School : Reflection on the Delhi School of Economics edited by Dharma Kumar & Dilip Mookherjee Arvind N. Das
- The Riddle of Umberto Eco Bernard Williams
- The Narrator by Makarand Paranjape Nikesh Sinha
- Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema by Ashish Rajadhyaksha and Paul Willemen Partha Chatterjee
- Bhimsen Joshi : A Biography by Mohan Nadkarni Jayati Ghosh
- Born to Work by Neera Burra Debashish Munshi
- The Roller Birds of Rampur by Indi Rana Srijana Das
- Yatra 3 and Yatra 4 Alok Rai
- A Chapter Closes : Tracing the History of a Bookshop Ramesh Sharma
- Azhar : An Authorised Biography by Harsha Bhogle Barry O'Brien
- Food : An Oxford Anthology Dileep Padgaonkar

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