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VOL. III  NOS. 7 & 8 JULY - AUGUST 1998 RS 20 UK £ 1.50 USD 3


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Founder Editors
Dileep Padgaonkar

Arvind N. Das (6.9.1948 - 6.8.2000)
Editor Emeritus:
Sham Lal
Assistant Editor:
Manisha Sethi
Publisher & Art Director: Brinda Datta

'Red Verandah' by Amrita Sher-Gill, oil on canvas.In the collection of and courtesy the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

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   VOL. III  NOs. 7 & 8 36 PAGES JULY - AUGUST 1998
- Dancing in Cambodia, At Large in Burma by Amitav Ghosh Sudipto Mundle
- Defenders of the Establishment: Ruler-Supportive Police Forces of South Asia by K. S. Dhillon K. S. Subramanian
- Colonialism, Property and the State by Dharma Kumar Rahul S. Nair
- Agra: Economic and Political Profile of a Mughal Suba 1580-1707
by K. K. Trivedi
Seema Alavi
- India's Economic Reforms and Development: Essays for Manmohan Singh by Isher Judge Ahluwalia and I. M. D. Little
Prem Shankar Jha
- Wages of Freedom: Fifty Years of the Indian Nation-State edited by Partha Chatterjee Harish Khare
- Foul Play: Chronicles of Corruption edited by Shiv Visvanathan and
Harsh Sethi
Arvind N. Das
- Caste: Origin, Functions and Dimensions of Change by Suvira Jaiswal K. M. Shrimali
- Muslims, Nationalism and the Partition: 1946 Provincial Election in India by Sho Kuwajima Syed Shahabuddin
- An extract from Jinnah, The Father of Pakistan: In the Eyes of his Contemporaries and his Documentary Records at Lincoln's Inn
complied and edited by Saleem Qureshi
- An interview with Attia Hosain Nilufer E. Bharucha
- Knowing Feminisms edited by Liz Stanley Brinda Bose
- Women in Indo-Anglian Fiction: Tradition and Modernity edited by Naresh K. Jain Purabi Panwar
- Toad in My Garden by Ruchira Mukerjee Sagarika Ghose
- The Madwoman of Jogare by Sohaila Abdulali Latika Padgaonkar
- Knit India Through Literature-Volume I, The South edited
by Sivasankari
N. S. Madhavan
- Down Memory Lane by Hiro Shroff G. S. Bhargava
- The Global Media: The New Missionaries of Corporate
by Edward S. Herman and Robert W. McChesney
Kiran Karnik and Satish Jacob
- No Passion Spent: Essays 1978-1996 by George Steiner Shelley Walia
- The Ochre Border: A Journey Through the Tibetan Frontierlands by Justine Hardy Kai Friese
- Are you Experienced? by William Sutcliffe Ira Pande
- Delhi City Guide edited by Swati Mitra Charles Lewis
SEEMA ALAVI is Reader in History, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
G. S. BHARGAVA is a columnist and was a journalist with The Tribune and The Indian Express.
NILUFER E. BHARUCHA is a Professor in the Department of English, University of Mumbai.
BRINDA BOSE teaches in the Department of English, Hindu College, University of Delhi.
KAI FRIESE is Editor of The India Magazine, New Delhi.
SAGARIKA GHOSE is Senior Special Correspondent at Outlook, New Delhi.
SATISH JACOB is Deputy Bureau Chief of the BBC, based in New Delhi.
PREM SHANKAR JHA is a columnist and former editor of The Hindustan Times.
KIRAN KARNIK is Managing Director of Discovery Channel, India.
HARISH KHARE is Deputy Editor The Hindu based in Delhi.
CHARLES LEWIS was with Oxford University Press in India, Pakistan, Eastern Africa and Oxford. His latest book is Delhi's Historic Villages: A Photographic Evocation.
N. S. MADHAVAN is a member of the Indian Administrative Service and well-known Malayalam Writer.
SUDIPTO MUNDLE is an economist working with the Asian Development Bank in Manila.
RAHUL S. NAIR is doing a M. Phil in Modern Indian History at the Centre for Historical Studies, JNU, Delhi.
LATIKA PADGAONKAR is information Officer at UNESCO, New Delhi.
PURABI PANWAR is an academic and critic.
SYED SHAHABUDDIN is Editor of Muslim India and a former Member of Parliament.
K. M. SHRIMALI is Professor of History, University of Delhi.
K. S. SUBRAMANIAN is a retired officer of the Indian Police Service and is Senior Fellow at the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi.
SHELLEY WALIA is Associate Professor at the Department of English, Punjab University, Chandigarh.

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