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VOL. IV  NOS. 11 & 12 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1999 RS 20 UK £ 1.50 USD 3


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Founder Editors
Dileep Padgaonkar

Arvind N. Das (6.9.1948 - 6.8.2000)
Editor Emeritus:
Sham Lal
Assistant Editor:
Manisha Sethi
Publisher & Art Director: Brinda Datta

'Young Boy Chopping Chicken', by Paritosh Sen,1983, Acrylic on paper, from the book 'Indian Contemporary Art Post Independence', Published by the Vadhera art Gallery, New Delhi.

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   VOL. IV  NO.11 & 12 40 PAGES NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1999
- Guns and Yellow Roses: Essays on the Kargil War and Revenge
and Reconciliation: Understanding South Asian History
Rajmohan Gandhi
Sonia Jabbar
- India's Nuclear Bomb by George R. Perkovich III Shivaji Sondhi
- South Asia on a Short Fuse: Nuclear Politics and the Future of
Global Disarmament
by Praful Bidwai and Achin Vanaik
Sukumar Muralidharan
- China's Military: The PLA in Transition by Srikanth Kondapalli Kaushik Roy
- Nationalism, Terrorism, Communalism: Essays in Modern Indian History by Peter Heehs
P.K. Datta
- Reflections of an Exile. An Interview with Edward W. Said Nikhil Padgaonkar
- Out of Place: A Memoir by Edward W. Said Shiv Kumar Srinivasan
- Twilight of the Idols in Weimar: Goethe 250 years after. An essay Arturo Larcati
- A Poem at the Right Moment: Remembered Verse from Pre-modern South India, collected and translated by Velcheru Narayana Rao and
David Shulman, Posthumous Poems by C.P. Surendran and Poems by Amita Modi
Tabish Khair
- The Ayodhya Cantos: Poems by Rukmini Bhaya Nair Keki N. Daruwalla
- Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee S. Prasannarajan
- Smell by Radhika Jha Anita Roy
- On the Banks of the Mayyazhi by M. Mukundan K. Satchidanandan
- Banana-Flower Dreams by Bulbul Sharma Ira Pande
- Evelyn Waugh: Witness to Decline by Shelly Walia Samuel Giddings
- A Sin of Colour by Sunetra Gupta Shoma Chaudhury
- The Weary Generations (Udaas Naslein) by Abullah Hussein and
The Tale of the Old Fisherman: Contemporary Urdu Short Stories, edited by Mohammed Umar Memon
Nabeel Mohideen
- The Oxford Anthology of Indian Wildlife: Volume 1 - Hunting and Shooting and The Oxford Anthology of Indian Wildlife: Volume II - Watching and Conserving, edited by Mahesh Rangarajan Kunal Verma
- State of India's Environment: The Citizens' Fifth Report. 2 Volumes (Part I: National Overview, Part II: Statistical Database), edited
by Anil Agarwal, Sunita Narain and Srabani Sen
Amita Baviskar
- My Life: A Fragment, An Autobiographical Sketch of Maulana Mohamed Ali, edited and annotated by Mushirul Hasan Md Raisur Rahman
- The Delhi Sultanate: A Political and Military History by Peter Jackson Seema Alavi
- Sonar Bangla? Agricultural Growth and Agrarian Change in West Bengal and Bangladesh, edited by Ben Rogaly, Barbara Harriss-White
and Sugata Bose
D. Bandyopadhyay
- The Price of Onions by Ashok V. Desai Abhas Kumar Jha
SEEMA ALAVI is an Associate Professor of History, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
D. BANDYOPADHYAY is a retired civil servant who piloted Operation Barga in West Bengal. His publications include Indra Lobar and the Due Process of Law.
AMITA BAVISKAR teaches Sociology at Delhi University. She is the author of In the Belly of the River: Tribal Conflicts over Development in the Narmada Valley.
SHOMA CHAUDHURY is a correspondent with Outlook, New Delhi.
KEKI N. DARUWALLA is a poet. He was a member of the Indian Police Service.
P.K. DATTA teaches English at Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University.
SAMUEL GIDDINGS is a retired civil servant. He lives in Dehradun.
SONIA JABBAR is a freelance writer based in New Delhi.
ABHAS KUMAR JHA is a member of the Indian Administrative Service currently working in the Union Finance Ministry.
TABISH KHAIR is Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Copenhagen. He has published several books of poetry and the novel Angel in Pyjamas.
NABEEL MOHIDEEN is Consulting Copy Editor at Businessworld, New Delhi.
SUKUMAR MURALIDHARAN is the Delhi Bureau Chief of Frontline.
NIKHIL PADGAONKAR is a researcher who also works for the media.
IRA PANDE is Senior Editor at Dorling Kindersley, New Delhi.
S. PRASANNARAJAN is Senior Editor with the Indian Express, New Delhi.
MD RAISUR RAHMAN is currently writing an M. Phil dissertation on Interrogating Muslim Cultural Identities: A Case-Study of Mohamed Ali at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
ANITA ROY is Editorial Executive Director of Dorling Kindersley (India).
KAUSHIK ROY studies at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
K. SATCHIDANANDAN is Secretary of the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.
SHIVAJI SONDHI is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Princeton University.
SHIVA KUMAR SRINIVASAN teaches at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.
KUNAL VERMA is a filmmaker specialising in wildlife and national security issues.

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