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VOL. X  NOS. 5 & 6 MAY - JUNE 2005 RS 80 UK £ 2.50 US $5

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Dileep Padgaonkar
Assistant Editor:
Manisha Sethi
Publisher & Art Director: Brinda Datta
Rukmini Bhaya Nair
Tabish Khair
Amita Baviskar
Seema Alavi
Alice Albinia
Boria Majumdar
Raka Ray
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Pakistani cricket fans, New Delhi, 2005. Photograph: PRADEEP MANDHANI

Shaharyar Khan’s Cricket: A Bridge of Peace lays bare the rise of a new games ethic in Indo-Pak cricket
Brian Stoddart advises sports historians to look beyond the “mediatization” of sports
J.A. Mangan on Christian missionaries and the introduction of soccer in 19th
century Kashmir
Disreputable Pleasures: How sports upset the Victorian notions of respectability
Anne Chambers lifts the veil from the multiple lives of Ranji in The Maharajah of Connemara
The truth behind the formation of the All India Football Federation

Shashi Kapoor chronicles the birth and rise of Prithvi Theatre in The Prithviwallahs
Ananda Lal compiles the A to Z of Indian Theatre in The Oxford Companion
Fawzia Afzal-Khan’s A Critical Stage: The Role of Secular Alternative Theatre in Pakistan

C.P. Surendran pays a tribute to O.V. Vijayan, writer and cartoonist
Literature as a mirror of its times: Andrew Whitehead on Paro Anand’s No Guns at my Son’s Funeral and Mitra Phukan’s The Collector’s Wife
Anita Roy discovers to her delight that Indian short story writers have lain down the burden of post colonialism
Ian McEwan’s Saturday and Nadeem Aslam’s prize-winning Maps for Lost Lovers

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